Nevarres Ankou


Template: Emissary of Power
High Concept: United with a Demon

Troubled Aspect: Old habits die hard
Aspect: Second chance
Aspect: Been there, Done that
Aspect: Patience is a Virtue
Aspect: Solid footing
Aspect: WE’VE got this!

Power Level
Chest Deep
Refresh: +8

Superb- Alertness
Great- Athletics, Discipline
Good- Weapons, Endurance
Fair- Scholarship, Stealth, Lore
Average- Presence, Survival, Gun, Fist, Contacts

Stunts and Powers
-5 Item of Power: Nihonto, Haber’s a demon(Name is Rephaim).
-Supernatural Speed: Always go first in Initiative order. Athletics checks are made at
+2(sprinting gets +4), Move two zones without penalty, Difficulty factor while moving is
reduced by 4
-Demonic Co-Pilot: +1 to all roll’s my Demon likes. Discipline check to oppose him.
+2 One time Discount: Supernatural Speed and Demonic Co-Pilot are tied with the sword.

-2 Inhuman Recovery: Pretty much immune to Poison and Disease effects
+1 The Catch: Only immune to Poison and Disease Effects.
-1 Marked by Power: Things notice me quickly.

Stress Levels
Physical- 4
Mental – 2
Social – 3


The only ‘Surviving’ Son of Offa, first King of England. His father shunned him for not liking violence, and tried to hide this trait from the public, by keeping Nevarres indoors at all time and not letting him out. At the age of 14, Nevarres was poisoned with Cerberin , that same night Egbert of Wessex killed his father and took over England. Nevarres’s mother managed to get Nevarres out of England before he died.

Shortly after fleeing England, Nevarres’s heart started to fail him. Not wanting her only son to die, Nevarres’s mother contacted the local church for there assistance. They refused to help her, and Nevarres died the next day. That same day, a demon came into the village and went into the sheep and started wrecking havoc. The Church tried to exorcise the demon, but Nevarres mother made a deal with it. If it would bring her dead son back and keep him alive and protect him, then she would make sure the Demon stayed on the mortal plane, but if her son died, then the Demon would be released to return to hell. So the demon accepted her deal and brought her son back to life. As soon as the demon had brought the boy back, it killed Nevarres’s mother. In her last moment, Nevarres’s Mother released her Death curse and bound the demon to a metal belt. The Demon being sealed in the belt, realized it had been careless and had been outwitted, and was now linked to the boy. If the demon tried to kill the boy, then the demon would return straight to hell, and since it could cause him no harm, neither too mind or body, it had to just stick with the boy until it could figure away out of this. Nevarres quickly caught on to what happened and refused to accept his fate of being dragged to hell with the demon. Nevarre’s traversed the world looking for a way to separate him from the demon. But has yet to find away.

Nevarres Ankou

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