Welcome to New Orleans

January 1st, 2006.

Hurricane Katrina caused the worst civil engineering failure in US History, and the city of New Orleans, LA was left to drown. Over 1500 people were killed, and more are unaccounted for. Over 80% of the city flooded, displacing nearly half a million people. It took over two months for the flood waters to recede and longer for the rebuilding to begin. In July of 2005, there were almost a half million people living in the Big Easy, now there are barely 200,000 hardy souls trying to resuscitate their drowned city.

There are a number of important questions facing New Orleans. Can the city be revived after the rest of the nation left it to die? Was Katrina the simple result of poor planning and nature’s fury, or is there something darker to blame? Who will earn the right to write New Orleans’ future?

These questions and more will be answered by the PCs in a Dresden Files campaign played in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Hard Times in the Big Easy

Razith Vars Maniah Azhrei_Vep