The Matranaga Crime Family

Although they took some serious losses, the Matranga crime family was not swept away by Katrina’s waters, much to the dismay of civil authority. One of the oldest organized crime organizations in the United States, they weren’t about to let a little high water clean them out.

Anthony Carolla is the current head of the family following the death of his father in 1993. Having learned hard lessons from his father’s incarceration, he’s a rather subtle man, slow to anger and very cunning. Currently, he’s heavily invested in real estate, buying up abandoned properties and encouraging people to sell with perhaps a touch of intimidation.

While the Matranga family is a primarily human organization, they’ve operated in the Big Easy for far too long to remain in the dark about supernatural affairs. Underboss Frank Gagliano is Carolla’s point man for supernatural relations. A were-alligator, Frank’s patience, subtle menace, and complete lack of empathy makes him well suited for the role. Michael Montefore is Gagliano’s head enforcer, and a man who is good at his job.

The Matranga’s have made a truce with the LaChaise family of ghouls, and will contract out hits to them. They also have a Voodoo Queen on payroll named Serina Martine. They will almost certainly come into conflict with the ShadowCrew, a Jamaican posse with a dark reputation that’s recently moved into New Orleans.


Mosca’s is an exclusive Italian restaurant outside of New Orleans proper. While damaged in the flood, it’s been renovated and is open for business once again. The food is delicious with large portions and hefty prices. It’s also a favored hangout for the Matranga family, and there’s almost always someone there connected to the family.
Aspect: Like Mama Used to Make

Matranga Mansion
The tradition home for Matranga Family bosses, this plantation style mansion is a veritable fortress, with armed guards and heavy security. Situated out in the swamps of Lake Pontchartrain, local legend tells stories of many bodies being dumped into the swamps surrounding Matranga holdings, feeding the gators or even surrounding cannibal families.
Aspect: Secure Like Fort Knox

The Matranaga Crime Family

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