The LaRoche Academy

The LaRoche Academy has long been a center for all forms of excellence for the elite of Louisiana, and to New Orleans in particular. Situated just outside the city proper, on a sprawling one hundred acre campus, the school offers superb academics, with college level courses in various subjects, a national championship Lacrosse team, and one of the top cheering squads in the country. All this, in addition to ettiquete and finishing programs for the leaders of tomorrow. The motto of the school is truly appropriate: “Strive for Perfection and be Proud of Your Accomplishements”.

Accepting only fifty students per grade level from fifth through twelth, the admission standards of the school make it very difficult to secure a position for any student, no matter their pedigree. Some of the student body include wealthy or politically tied children, while a few are there strictly on their own merit. The school is overseen by Madame Genevieve Laroche, whose family has proudly guided the school since its inception in 1865 after the Civil War.

Unknown to the population at large, and even to most of the school’s faculty and students, is that LaRoche Academy is not only one of the country’s top finishing schools for the next millionaire-to-be, but also for the White Court of the Vampires. The school is unique in that it does not cater to any one house. Instead, it molds all of the White Court’s children into the next generation of vampire leaders, pushing them to develop into the best and brightest of their generation. The school and all its grounds are considered neutral territory by each of the houses, though students outside the school grounds are regarded as fair game.

Aspect: Elite Preperatory School
Aspect: Specialized Training Center
Aspect: High Society and High Pressure


Genevieve LaRoche


Marcus Malvora
Alexis LaFontaine

The LaRoche Academy

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