The East

Eastern New Orleans, also referred to as ‘New Orleans East’ and just ‘The East’, is one of the areas hit hardest by Katrina, and it wasn’t doing too well even before. So soon after, it would be occupied almost exclusively by bloated corpses, relief workers, and a few residents too stubborn or poor to leave, and lucky enough to survive. Utilities will be restored over the course of ’06, but especially at the opening, the place is a big, wet, open grave.

Enter the ghouls. It would take someone or something with seriously scary power to keep ghouls from descending on a situation like that and treating the neighborhood as a giant buffet. It’s a safe bet that anybody surviving in the area suspended their disbelief and banded together to watch each other’s backs, or they’re already ghoul food. As things stabilize, people come back, and the worst of the ghoul threat fades, the hardened survivors pull together and organize a ruthless sort of ‘neighborhood watch,’ focused on keeping the supernatural off of their streets, and are managing a degree of success by virtue of little more than being made up of people who are, fundamentally, survivors. They’ve worked too damn hard to let some stupid things that shouldn’t even exist drive them out or kill them.

The police see this as just another gang taking root in a depressed area, but given their manpower shortages, the poor state of the area, and the fact that this gang, at least, seems to be focused on protecting rather than exploiting their own, they stay out of it, for now.

The big problem with the New Orleans East group is their take on the supernatural: They don’t like it. Any of it. They won’t bother to distinguish between a friendly wizard looking to do some humanitarian work and another ghoul or vampire looking to take advantage of what they’re expecting to be easy prey. They’re making efforts to keep an eye on areas beyond their little neighborhood, and convince others to take up the fight, but they’ve had little luck, so far. It’s only a matter of time before these activities begin to attract attention from the more reactionary elements of the supernatural community, and that isn’t likely to be pretty.

Possiple Aspect:

•Burn the witch, kill the monster, purge the unclean!


Albert U. Cardinael
Sara Cardinael
Jonathan Mais

The East

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