The Autumn Court

The Autumn court is not, precisely speaking, a proper court of Faerie. In truth, it can best be described as a barely-organized mob of Wyldfae, bound together by a common desire not to be bound together, swearing fealty to a massively powerful Sidhe noble in order to avoid swearing fealty to another other massively powerful Sidhe noble.

After the murder of the Summer Knight, Ronald Reuel, and the theft of the mantle of the Summer Knight, the courts of Summer and Winter prepared for war. Wyldfae were called to one side or the other. Changelings were pressured into Choosing. All of faerie was thrown into turmoil. This is how it has always gone, when the courts went to war. Most believed this is how it would always be.

But this time, something slightly different happened. Many Wyldfae, as is often the case, did not wish to be Called. They appealed to those greater than them to shield them from the courts. This time, someone heard their appeals, chose to do something, and had the power to accomplish something.

The Erlking, master of the Wild Hunt, King of the Goblins, a being rumored to possess power on par with (some may even say greater than) the Faerie Queens, gave all Fae, Wyldfae and those of Summer or Winter who wanted no part of the Queens’ war a third choice: Swear fealty to him, come when a Hunt is called, and be free from the wars and demands of the Queens and their minions, provided you had the strength of arm and will to defend yourself from more conventional methods of coercement.

At some point, someone began calling this barely-organized mob, made up of the outer edges of Summer and Winter, and darker things besides, all bound by the Lord of the Hunt, the Autumn Court. The Erlking has not made his opinion on this appellation known one way or the other, so it is generally assumed that he finds it acceptable, or simply does not care to be bothered with such details.

There are rumors that there are entrances to his territory in certain swaths of the Louisiana Bayou, for those who know how to seek them.


The Erlking
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Keeland Sully
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The Autumn Court

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