Crescent City Tower

What we have here is a 45 story skyscraper smack in the middle of the business district*, that is completely, utterly abandoned, and has been since ‘02. Plans were begun to renovate it into an apartment in March ’05, but got scrapped due to ’faulty appropriations’ of post-Katrina insurance money that got everybody involved suing the shit out of each other. Nobody else will pick it up until ‘07, and work won’t start until ’09.

The place was cleared out due to ‘environmental problems’, such as asbestos and toxic mold. A high-profile building, emptied of human habitation by toxic growth, and almost immediately after someone tries to make it habitable again, there’s a major natural disaster and then the people trying to set it up turn on each other and screw themselves over.

Am I the only one that’s seeing faeries here? In particular, Summer Court, with their predilection toward growing natural defenses. Sure, toxic mold is a bit more subtle than brambles with deadly poisonous thorns. The initial attempt to buy and refurb the place could be the work of winter-friendly mortals, or even just bad luck that Winter seized on. It’s entirely possible that the hurricane could have been triggered by, or merely accelerated by, a skirmish between the courts. Then, there’s always the possibilty that the entire thing was set in motion by a third party seeking to use the disturbance caused by faerie conflict to make it easier for them to stir up a disaster … and maintain a degree if deniability. Obviously it’s all the fey’s fault!

Real Estate is power, especially in a big metropolitan area like New Orleans. If one reneges on a debt to the bank, it repossesses, but what if you default on a fae bargain?

Well, in this case, they foreclosed.

The developer, a changeling, had made a bargain with the Summer Court to get the Crescent City Tower project off the ground, and when he didn’t follow up with what he’d promised, the Sidhe Noble destroyed what he cared most about, his fiscal success.

Not content to simply destroy the tower, the fae noble co-opted it, transforming it into something that would haunt the oathbreaker. After a ‘superintendent’ was appointed to watch and maintain the building, the Crescent City Towers was opened to the city’s supernatural community as a place where individuals can reside in safety and privacy. Naturally, the elevators don’t work and there are some serious issues with technology, but if you can afford the rent, it’s a place where one can live without hiding behind a mortal guise.

What’s the rent, you might ask? The Superintendent assigns rent based on what the applicant can afford to pay, and only rarely is that payment in mortal currency.

Don’t fall behind on your rent.

Crescent City Tower

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