Viktor Constantine


Aspect: Mad Scientist
Aspect: Ahead of his time
Aspect: Brilliant but evil


As the CEO of Eternity Inc, Viktor Constantine is a world renowned humanitarian. His non-profit organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life throughout the world, for all peoples. They are heavily invested in the developing world, building hospitals, water treatment facilities, and schools. Viktor, himself, is a skilled transplant surgeon who’s pioneered some of the most innovative procedures in the field.

He’s also a several centuries old, mass murdering, mad scientist who wants to replace, not save the human race.

Centuries ago Viktor Constantine was known as Viktor Von Frankenstein. Yes, that Viktor Von Frankenstein. Using eldritch science, he managed to revive the dead into something more, something stronger. His story was once recorded by Mary Shelly, Viktor’s second wife, although was twisted to hide his evil and paint his first creation as a ravaging monster. Shelly altered almost all the facts to seem as if the creature created by Viktor was a terrible monster, bent on revenge. Viktor’s hope was that the creature would be hunted down and destroyed, saving him the trouble of personally cleaning up that mistake. The truth is that the monster was never implanted with the mind of a murderer. Instead, he recieved the mind of Viktor’s greatest mentor, that of Doctor Gideon Altman.

The creature, upon his awakening, retained all the memories of the late Doctor and after hearing Frankestein’s mad schemes, refused to aide him in any way. Frankenstein has long sought to create a master race which would never know death, fear, or human fraility. The murders blamed on the creature in the book were actually perpetrated by Viktor, convinced that he had found the secret to eternal life and was reworking his victims into more evolved beings. Gideon has opposed him ever since.

Viktor has spent his time through the centuries well, enhancing and repairing his own body through the years with artificial mediums of his own design, part science, part alchemy. These days, he only appears human while possessing an unnatural vitality greater than any of his lesser creations. In addition to his other ‘interests’, Viktor longs to have a woman worthy of his attentions and gifts. He’s created a handful of brides over the years, only to grow bored and destroy them.

While Eternity Inc. does come into disaster areas and offer their services for free, their goals are not benevolent. They plunder the dead and take advantage of those that can be made to disappear, with Viktor taking the bodies and working his fiendish experiments on them. Since Gideon’s willful resurrection, Viktor has handled the problem of free will in his creations, producing super strong creations whose loyalty is without question. Viktor has also led major pushes through his corporation to expand the scientific mediums he has grown to use such as stem cell research, artificial organs, and cloning.

Viktor has brought Eternity Inc to New Orleans in Katrina’s wake, investing millions upon millions of dollars in rebuilding Tulane Medical Center and University. He’s created jobs and is almost always on the television, attending fundraisers and pressing for the rebuilding of New Orleans. He’s playing the role of white knight, although one can be certain he has darker designs.

Viktor Constantine

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