The Erlking

Master of the Autumn Court


Much about the Erlking is shrouded in mystery: He isn’t the sort to advertise, and most who’ve encountered him are dead or were in no position to ask questions.

What is known is thus: The Erlking is a massively powerful high Sidhe Wyldfae, King of Goblinkind, and master of the Wild Hunt. He is a hunter spirit of sorts, strongly associated with primal violence, and holds dominion over the spirits of fallen hunters.

When manifested in the human world, he wears the guise of an eight foot humanoid hunter in leather and mail, crowned with a bucket helmet mounted with stag horns, within which eyes burn with an amber flame.

The Erlking is cunning, devious, ruthless, and swift. He respects daring, arrogance, and predators of any stripe. But that respect only carries one so far. Any attempts to hinder him or the Hunt with make you their new prey. If one is very lucky, and a predator in their own right, it may be possible to join the hunt yourself … maybe.

Wild hunt1

The Erlking

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