Serina Martine

Voodoo Queen For Hire


High Concept: Voodoo Queen for Hire


While the Matranga family is a primarily human organization, they’ve operated in the Big Easy for far too long to remain in the dark about supernatural affairs. Underboss Frank Gagliano is Carolla’s point man for supernatural relations. A were-alligator, Frank’s patience, subtle menace, and complete lack of empathy makes him well suited for the role. The Matranga’s have made a truce with the LaChaise family of ghouls, and will contract out hits to them. They also have a Voodoo Queen on payroll named Serina Martine. They will almost certainly come into conflict with the ShadowCrew, a Jamaican posse with a dark reputation that’s recently moved into New Orleans.

Serina Martine

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