Rose Weaver


Aspect: Corruption of Nature
Aspect: Hellbent on Revenge


A “Newer” Recruit of The Order of the Blackened Denarius, who specializes in Spell Casting. She’s held a Grudge against Nevarres almost since the day she took up the coin. Hellbent on getting revenge, she’s climbed the ladder quickly among the fallen, as a Loyal Follower of the Order.

When still a Mortal, she fell in love with Nevarres, a young traveling man. Her feeling for Nevarres grew, as his feeling for her grew. It soon came to her attention that they could never be together, do to a aging difference. So seeking to amend this Problem, Rose set out to find a way to prolong her life, and hence, she was drawn to a Denarius coin. After Rose took up the coin, she soon realized the mistake she had made, as had Nevarres. Not wanting to hurt her, Nevarres ran, and since then, she’s been looking for him.

A Master Schemer if there ever was one, she very rarely gets her own hands dirt. She’d much rather let another do her job for her, then dispose of them, and take credit for it all.

She’s quickly identified by her long, bright red hair, and her piercing green eyes. Usually in public she’ll keep her hair up in a Nice tight Bun, to go with her Business glass’s.

Rose Weaver

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