High Concept
Irresponsible Selkie Father

Selkie Playboy

Intimidated by the Erlking
Life of the Party
Ladies Man
Lover, not a Fighter


Roane is a carefree Fae who has no idea how many children he might have in the world. One that he currently does know about is Alandria; a girl who recently made the choice to embrace her fae side in order to save his life. While Roane feels some fondness for the girl, being a parent is not something he is interested in. He’s been willing to help her out from time to time, but he never goes out of his way to do so.

Roane can often be found hanging out on the beaches of Lake Pontchartrain. He resides in The Crescent City Tower and is often found clubbing. He has been known to collect the innocence of Maidens in order to pay his rent to the Erlking, who owns the Crescent City Tower. When not out picking up women, he often can be found frolicking in the lake, flirting with the neriads and mermaids.


Hard Times in the Big Easy Maniah