Richard "Rick" Belmont

One of the Belmont Family's top vampire hunters.


Richard Belmont is an anomaly among The Belmont Family. He’s a specialist. While he did receive the broad education all the Belmonts go through as a child, as an adult he focused his efforts on a single monster: The Anthrochiropterans, Chiros for short, a strange beast that mixes elements of both weres and vampires into a single, disgusting creature. These creatures are more commonly known to the supernatural community as “Red Court Vampires.”

There are few who know as much about the strengths and weaknesses of the Anthrochiropterans as Richard. He’s hunted, stalked, studied, dissected and experimented on them in ways that would even do Viktor Constantine proud. He’s a driven, intelligent man, an unusually caring husband and surprisingly loving father. Richard possesses an unusual, grudging, respect for his prey that has made him a bit of an outsider among his family.

But make no mistake, grudging respect or no, he hates the Anthrochiropterans to the core, and would love nothing more than to render his life’s work irrelevant by wiping every last one of the creatures from the face of the earth. If he could do it himself, so much the better.

Richard "Rick" Belmont

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