Prudence Boudreaux


Aspect: Best There Is At What She Does
Aspect: Smart and Relentless
Aspect: The Scully of S.C.I.


Prudence Boudreaux is a fifth generation cop. She grew up knowing exactly what she wanted to be and made it happen. After graduating magna cum laude from LSU with a masters in Criminal Justice she immediately applied to the New Orleans force. She could have come in at detective but instead chose to work a beat like all the other rookies. She spent three years working the worst neighborhoods New Orleans had to offer and asking for seconds. After that time she transferred to homicide. On her inaugural investigation things took a turn for the wierd. Her partner was killed and she was badly wounded by what she described as a “werewolf”…she was almost laughed out of homicide. Instead she was offered a position in the S.C.I. or Special Crimes Investigation. She thought of it as a demotion until she took the job. Soon after she began to realize what she had seen wasn’t fiction but fact. She absorbed all the knowledge she could from the S.C.I. about all things supernatural, and after seven years she is now running the division. She clashed almost non stop with Commissioner Harold Crumby but in the end he knows they are needed even if he doesn’t believe what they report.

Prue stands at five foot seven and weighs around one hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. She has soft brown hair that she keeps pulled into a pony tail most days and a slender build that is almost completely muscle. Prue likes jogging and other types of cardio, and tends to work out almost every day. She does meet at O’Connel’s Pub for her one vice she indulges, Irish Ale.

Prudence Boudreaux

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