Peter Jameson

Half-Goblin Homocide detective.


High Concept: Half-Goblin Homicide Detective
Trouble: Trapped between two worlds
Aspect: You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry
Aspect: These big ears aren’t just for show
Aspect: Protect and Serve


Peter Jameson’s life is nothing but rocks and hard places lately. It’s never been easy: Ever since he was a small child (relatively speaking), he’s had to struggle with a violent temper. His appearance didn’t help much on that score: Peter was always bigger than everyone around him, and that combined with his large ears tended to give him appearance akin to a flat-nosed elephant.

In his early 20’s, this got worse: He found out that his absentee father was a goblin, a brutish faerie hunter. He was expected to choose between the two, to become a full fae or give it up and be a true human.

The choice should have been easy. Unfortunately, Peter had just earned a promotion to detective due to instincts and senses that, it turned out, were tied to his fae nature. To give it up would be to give them up, and he just wasn’t willing to do that. Not to preserve his career, but out of a sense of duty: He owed it to the people of New Orleans to use every advantage at his disposal to find and put away criminals, and he wasn’t going to give up his keen nose and sensitive ears just to make himself feel better.

Flash forward to age 36. Peter is a homicide detective, and a damn good one. His record is exceptional, and he’s a valued member of the force. Except for the constant struggle with his fae side, life is going well for him.

Peter has managed to retain most of his humanity, but pressure from Summer and Winter to take sides in their war has forced him to get involved in the supernatural world that he has done his best over the years to keep his nose out of. He had been on the verge of giving up his fae half entirely and trusting in his human skills to get by when a third option presented itself to him: Join the Autumn court.

All that would be expected of him would be to ride with the Wild Hunt on occasion, which he couldn’t make heads or tails of, and use his talents to perform duties for the Court on occasion. He wouldn’t be expected to fight in any war, he wouldn’t be expected to kill anybody. He was already a proven hunter, and as long as he kept up his hunt, he was welcome with open arms.

Peter agreed, glad to at least be rid of Summer and Winter’s call, but now he’s left to wonder just what he’s gotten himself into. The call of his goblin side is stronger than ever, and he risks losing it and putting his job, and humanity, at risk every time a perp tries to resist arrest. So far, he’s kept it together. But, only time will tell if he can keep it up.

Peter Jameson

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