Helloooo Nurse!


Ability: Healing Saliva
Nikki provides a means for the healing process to begin. She may even speed the healing process up. That, or her attention just feels so nice, that it seems like you are better than you really are.


A denizen of Alandria’s Demense, Nikki tends to the wounds of Alandria and her guests. Alandria isn’t sure where Nikki came from. She needed healing one day, and there was a sound at the front door. When she opened it, Nikki was on her doorstep.

Nikki is the product of a Sidhe and a Malk, and is gifted with healing saliva. She can heal just about any wound given enough time and attention. She has a very good bedside manner, making her patients feel comfortable, safe and warm. She snuggles, cuddles, and loves all in her care.


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