Master armorsmith from the darkest depths of Winter


High Concept: Armorsmith of the Autumn Court
Trouble: Keeland is screwing up my home.
Aspect: Dark is not Evil
Aspect: Perpetually Hungry
Aspect: Hunter in the shadows


Currently, Mistralis is a Sidhe of the Autumn court, an amazing armorsmith, and a vocal opponent of Keeland Sully’s attempts to civilize the court.

Once, she was less. Far, far less.

Centuries ago, Mistralis was little more than a twisted abomination in the darkest reaches of Winter’s territory. She was the offspring of a Fetch and a Hob, a vicious, brutal monster that fed on fear and flesh in equal proportions, free of her Hob parents’ extreme vulnerability to light, and her Fetch Parents’ weakness in the face of true courage. Unfortunately, she lacked the Fetches’ cleverness or the Hobs’ social nature. She was a near-mindless, solitare creature driven almost exclusively by hunger and cruelty.

Even Mistralis doesn’t know how long she lived like this before the Winter Lady found her. She was brought to Maeve’s court as a curiosity, set on people who displeased the Lady for entertainment, and baited by foolish nobles for laughs. The best laughs always came when Mistralis left the foolish creatures bleeding and broken for their efforts.

Years, decades, perhaps even centuries passed with Mistralis in Maeve’s court. And as is the way of the fae, she changed. Perhaps it was the will of the Winter Lady, perhaps it was just her proximity, or even a reaction to how well she fed on fear and Sidhe flesh in those years, but Mistralis became something more. Until one day, she awoke. She realized that she wasn’t a beast any more. Somewhere along the line, her squat, powerful limbs had become lithe, without losing any of their strength. Her tiny, ghostly eyes had grown into proper eyeballs, her toothy maw didn’t take up half her face, and most of all, she thought.

Mistralis had become a Sidhe. She was hailed for it by her Lady, scorned for it behind the Winter Lady’s back, and attempts were made to indoctrinate her into courtly life.

It didn’t go well. Mistralis still had the ‘soul’, for lack of a better term, of a monster. She didn’t play political games, she just left the crushed and broken bodies of anyone who paid her insult scattered around her. She only lasted a few years among Maeve’s court like this before she was cast out as tiresome, and found her own way among the outskirts of Winter.

Even before The Erlking’s call went out, Mistralis spent most of her time among the Wildfae. She spent most of her time among the redcaps and goblins, joining them in hunting monster and mortal alike, revelling in the glory of the hunt, the chase, and the kill. She learned the basics of smithing among the redcaps, and was soon highly sought after among them for the quality of armor she could turn out, particularly when she wove Myrk and living shadow into the very nature of the armor.

When the call went out, it was a natural move for her to join her redcap friends as they pledged themselves to the Erlking. This is where she belonged, not among Winter, with their ridiculous political games and rules about what you could say to whom and why.

Among the Autumn Court, Mistralis has been established, largely through the efforts of her redcap friends’ bragging, as the official armorsmith of the Autumn Court, a position she never sought, but does her best to live up to. She is in constant conflict with Keeland over the direction of the Autumn court, preferring to keep it a loosely organized group where the strong impose their will on the weak, and the weak get stronger or get ground down.


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