Michael Montefore

Supernatural Enforcer with divided loyalties


High Concept: Half Redcap Mafia Muscle
Trouble: Torn between his King and his Don
Aspect: Armed to the Teeth
Aspect: Smarter than he looks


Michael Montefore is half Redcap, and it shows. He’s a brute of a man, 6’7", built like a tank … made of bricks, and shows obvious delight in his brutal job. Michael is an enforcer for The Matranagas, reporting directly to Frank Gagliano. But don’t think that because he’s big, ugly, and violent, that he’s stupid: Michael is as sharp as the knives he keeps up his sleeves.

He approaches all of his problems with a thorough methodology that guarantees no loose ends. There is no ‘nobody could survive that’ or ‘leave him to die’ with Michael. He always finds the body, or puts a few extra rounds in the corpse, or breaks one or two extra bones, to guarantee that the job gets done right.

Unfortunately, these days Michael is having trouble deciding just which job to do. He’s worked for the Matranagas since he was old enough to run packages between bookies, but the Erlking’s call appeals to something deeper, to his very nature. And it sounds like so much fun too.

Michael Montefore

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