Marcus Smith

Red Court Company Man


In the 1980’s, Marcus Smith made a name for himself with corporate takeovers, earning himself a tidy fortune. He didn’t stop there though. He was on his way to the top, and he had no second thoughts about the people he had to step on to get there. His success on Wall Street caught the eye of Elizabeth Dupree, a Red Court Noble in the area. She was the head of a long line of blue blood vampires who had been on the east coast since the Revolutionary War. Valuing wealth, Elizabeth turned Marcus in 1986 and since then, he has been working on building the monetary resources of the Red Court.

Marcus has been around long enough to pose a threat, but he is still fairly young as far as vampires go. He has exceptional skill with people and money and goes out of his way to protect himself. He has numerous infected and vanilla mortals working for him and he is not above sacrificing them to save himself.

Recently, Elizabeth has sent Marcus to New Orleans to make deals with the The Matranaga Crime Family to bring the Reds to town as allies. Elizabeth wants control of New Orleans to go to the Dupree bloodline, and she knows the value of money and muscle in a city so ravaged.

Marcus Smith

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