Marcus Malvora


Aspect: Gifted Athlete
Aspect: Bully
Aspect: Pretty but dumb


Marcus is for all intents and purposes the most popular boy in the Academy. This modern day Adonis is tall standing just over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and chiseled good looks. He is in his eightenth year and handles himself quite well with the ladies of LaRoche Academy. Marcus is captain of the lacross team and holds one national championship ring in this sport.He also serves as President of the student government. While his looks and physique are ample, his intelligence leaves something to be desired, Marcus barely maintains academic eligibility.

Even though Marcus is a great friend to those in his inner circle he is a repeat bully with the rest of the Academy, ruthlessly harrassing and embarrassing those that are not in his clique. He generally targets those with less social standing than himself or that he percieves as “lower class”. While this is never done in the presence of faculty it is widely known throughout the school, and for some reason is allowed to continue. He takes great pride in tormenting others to the point of terrorizing them, and has caused at least one attempted suicide.

Marcus would probably never have been admitted to the academy if he were not the youngest son of Madrigal of House Malvora. It is also rumored that Marcus is the father of Madame LaRoche’s unborn child.

Marcus Malvora

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