Keeland Sully

A Summer Exile trying to civilize his new home.


High Concept: Former Lord of Sunshine
Trouble: Mistralis is trying to undermine my Court.
Aspect: Sunshine and Roses in public
Aspect: Blinding Smile
Aspect: I will make this a proper Court.
Aspect: The Knight is a disgusting necessity.


There was a time when the Sidhe now known as Keeland Sully had it good. He was a high noble among the Summer Court. He had the adoration and fear of those beneath him, and the affection and respect of those above him. For a time, he was a personal attendant to lady Aurora herself. Indeed, more than her attendant, he frequently stood at the Summer Lady’s right hand. He was a confidant, a companion, if not quite a friend.

But then it all came crashing down around him. All because of one little slip of the tongue. All because of one (or two, or six) glass of stronger than usual mead. All because, deep in his cups, he saw fit to imply that he served the Summer Lady as more than just a friend. He even, in his drunkenness, managed to give the implication that she had served him … from her knees.

One bad night, and suddenly the former Lord of Sunshine found himself cast out of Summer, with his life intact and little else.

Keeland was forced to live among the mortals for around thirty years before he had his chance to return to faerie. When the heard word that the Erlking was offering shelter to anyone willing to pledge themselves to him, Keeland was among the initial rush to take him up on his offer.

While he’s grateful to be able to return to faerie, Keeland is less than thrilled with his new circumstances. To someone who spent centuries among the civilized courts of Summer, the barely organized, raucous, and vicious nature of the Erlking’s followers, new and old. Keeland was the originator of the ‘Autumn Court’ appellation for the group, and he’s been working tirelessly and with limited success to make the throng a true Faerie court, a force both powerful and civilized.

His time among the mortals didn’t teach Keeland anything. All he gained from his time in the mortal world was a deep-seated distaste for mortals. He views them with the kind of disgust that most people reserve for centipedes and three-day-old roadkill. But he is a noble to the core: Unlike certain former speakers for the Erlking, he knows how to keep a civil tongue in his head, and would never be caught directly insulting anybody, mortal or otherwise, in public.

Keeland Sully

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