Jonathan Mais

A man with an odd case of Xenophobia when it comes to the supernatural.


Aspect: If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.
Aspect: Vigilance is the strongest weapon against the darkness.
Aspect: Balls of steel.


Jonathan Mais (pronounced mays)

Jon Mais is the face of the more unreasonable side of the neighborhood watch. His older brother, a fairly notable dealer and thug in the neighborhood, had been one of the first to take up arms and rally people together when the ghouls moved in. And as it so often goes, the first one to step forward is the first one cut down. Jon stepped up in his brother’s place, and has been a driving force behind their crusade against the supernatural. The way he sees it, if you’re supernatural, you’re not human. And if you’re not human, you’re a goddamned monster. His violently ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality has caused him to clash numerous times with Albert, but so far things have remained almost civil. It wouldn’t be too hard for an interested party to nudge him into a less civilized disagreement, though…

Jon Mais is a young black man, mid-20’s at most, wiry build, and a cowardly look to him. Don’t let that fool you, though … since his brother died, he’s grown balls of solid titanium. He just hasn’t quite grown into his new confidence yet. So long as he thinks you’re human, he’s generally very friendly and outgoing, always eager to share a beer and a smoke and make nice, especially if he thinks you might believe him about the creatures in the darkness. Jon wants to see things expand, to grow their little neighborhood watch into something of a shadow police to keep the monsters under control. In much the same way one keeps a pest problem ‘under control.’

Before Katrina, Jon had mostly helped his brother deal, when he wasn’t buying himself. These days, Jon works part time at a local garage during the day and walks the streets at night, doing his best to set an example of vigilance to the people around him. Jon doesn’t like to talk about life before the hurricane. He treats it as another lifetime, and an exceedingly embarassing one, at that. He’s not a bad man, really … just an extremely zealous and narrow-minded one.

Jonathan Mais

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