Ian Branneal


Template: Wizard
High Concept: Warden of the White Council

Troubled Aspect: Icewater for Blood
Aspect: Uncontrolled Visions
Aspect: The Best There is at What He Does
Aspect: Go Big or Go Home!
Aspect: Best Laid Plans
Aspect: Duty Above All

Power Level
Chest Deep +8 Refresh +2= +10 total refresh

Superb- Conviction, Discipline
Great- Lore, Weaponry
Good- Alertness, Resources, Investigation
Fair- Athletics, Presence, Endurance
Average- Contacts, Scholarship, Burglary

Languages Spoken Fluently

Stunts and Powers
-3 Evocation (1 Specilization)

  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Spirit (+1 Complexity)
  4. Water
  5. Air

-3 Thaumaturgy (+1 Complexity to Wards)
-1 The Sight
-0 Soulgaze
-0 Wizards Constitution
-1 Refinement (Access to Water Evocation and 2 Enchanted Items)
-1 Refinement (Access to Air Evocation and 2 Enchanted Items)

Stress Levels
Physical- 4
Mental – 4 (additional mild mental consequence)
Social – 2

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Ian Branneal is of celtic descent and stands at five foot eleven inches tall with a mane of black hair, streaked in silver at the temples, that he keeps closely cropped to his head and spiked on the crown. He normally has a five o’clock shadow but never a full beard or mustache. Ian has a good build on him but isn’t extremely physically imposing. He has blue eyes and seems to be in his mid thirties. Ian prefers functional wear to the robes most of the wizards of the coucil wear, though he always dresses for the occasion no matter if its hunting a black court vampire or attending a meeting of the White Council.


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Ian Branneal was born to Morgaine and Craddock Branneal. Morgaine and Craddock were both wizards of the White Council but split over “theological differences”. Morgaine and Craddock were practitioners of the Black Arts. Before Ian’s second birthday, Wardens had come and dealt with his parents and taken him into the Councils custody. It was decided that a member of the High Council would watch over Ian as his mentor, mainly because of his dual link to the dark arts. Simon Petrovich, the Councils foremost expert on Vampires took up the task. Simon guided Ian as much as was possible but with his own researches and duties to the High Council he was more an absentee instructor than hands on, forming Ian into a very independent and self-sufficient wizard. Shunned by most of the wizarding community thanks to his parents actions, Ian studied religiously, absorbing all he could on Simon’s expertise and spells. For Simon’s part he came to view Ian as his legacy, someone to take on his work in the White Council and possibly fill his position on the High Council someday.

Ian’s first assignment without the aide of his mentor was of his own choosing and may have been a bit to much for him to handle on his own. Ian chose to destroy a vampire. Not normally hard for a wizard with Ian’s training except his first attempt was to destroy Gregor Yoslanovich, Master Vampire and Assassin for the Black Court. Ian tracked Gregor to New Orleans and began to assemble data on him for his eventual attack. Ian may be over zealous but he isn’t stupid, he knew he would need help to take on Gregor so he enlisted the aid of J.D. Bellmont, a young man that he met while interrogating some ghouls linked to Gregor’s mob contacts in New Orleans. The two have a respect for the other, though they are almost polar opposites. Expanding his circle of friends further brought him into contact with Alandria, a changeling attempting to help her father retrieve some symbol of his heritage. He also found her to be an apt natural mage, badly in need of training, perhaps something he could offer. After assissting Alandria, he has closed his circle of compatriots with one of her friends, Nevarres, whom Ian isn’t exactly sure what to make of.

Together they discovered that Gregor was planning to attack a humanitarian that had come to New Orleans to aid the Katrina victims, Dr. Viktor Constantine. They decided a preemptive strike was best and attacked the vampire masters stronghold at dawn. After they fought their way to the main burial chamber they came across a multitude of coffins, each containing a new member of the Black Court. They quickly realized that they were going to overwhelmed by the vampires through sheer numbers and decided a tactical retreat was best. Ian channeled as much energy as he could and literally brought the roof down on the fledgling vampires. After regaining conciousness he has yet to decide on his next course of action, but his mark cannot be allowed to escape…

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Ian Branneal

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