Harold Crumby


Aspect: Problem Fixer
Aspect: Seasoned Policeman
Aspect: Doesn’t Like What Can’t Be Explained


Harold is not a complete paper pusher. He walked the beat for many years and put in his time in the homicide division of the New Orleans Police Department. Commissioner Crumby is a by the book policeman, who doesn’t see the need for new fangled gadgets and degrees when he thinks good old fashioned police work and grit can get the job done. Crumby is very much old school, he isn’t above using a phone book on a criminal if he knows they did it, but he is old enough and smart enough that he rarely goes to these extremes and doesn’t get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Crumby stands just under five foot eight and weighs in at an impressive two hundred and ninety pounds. Years of sitting behind a desk enjoying “cop food” has lessened his natural athleticism and “relaxed his muscle” into a large pot belly. Harold has a thinning mane of grey and black hair that is balding on top but otherwise seems to run directly down to his back. He is covered in thick, coarse, black hairs and for all intents and purposes this man is a walking chia pet. Crumby is a divorce` and like most policemen frequents O’Connel’s Pub for their daily unwinding, something this fifty one year old policeman wouldn’t miss if the pub was on fire.

Harold Crumby

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