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Haley Vulpe, was surprised to learn that her lover was less than human, a selkie, and when she got pregnant she tried to get an abortion. Not only was she denied her abortion when her reason stated was “Because it won’t be human”, but she was locked up in New Orleans Psychiatric Hospital on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. In a panic and forced to deal with being pregnant, she became more obsessed over the thought of giving birth to a seal, and fixated on plots and plans to get rid of the child.

The first time she felt the baby kick, Haley snapped and begun punching herself in the abdomen with as much strength as she could muster. The nurses on duty were forced to physically restrain her for the remainder of her pregnancy. Every day was torture for Haley. She was in more and more of a panic each day. On the day of Alandria’s birth, Haley gazed at her daughter with the Sight, seeing a writhing seal in the hands of the doctor rather than the human baby that really lie there. Alandria was taken from her mother, Haley’s screams of outrage and horror echoing the halls, and placed into foster care.

Haley’s sight closed eventually, but not before it added to the mental damage that the pregnancy had caused.

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Haley Vulpe

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