Gregor Yoslanovich



High Concept: Dust in the wind
Aspect: Trained to Kill
Aspect: Old Enough to Know Better
Aspect: Assassin for Hire
Aspect: Million Dollar Bullet


Gregor Yoslanovich was once Captain Gregor Yoslanovich of the Red Army. He served proudly during the genocidal rampages of Hitler during the second world war. Distinguishing himself over the years of the war as a first class sniper, Gregor helped hold the line in the city of Stalingrad. Gregor was mortally wounded there by another sniper and would have died if not for Anastasia Petrovich. Anastasia was the mortal daughter of Simon Petrovich of the White Council. She was turned as a slight to him to the Black Court of the Vampires some years before. Gregor was offered a choice…die or live forever with Anastasia. He chose to live and she turned him to the Nosferatou, the Black Court.

Gregor learned very quickly how to best use his new abilities, killing effeciently and swiftly. He took an almost intoxicating glee from killing with his bare hands. The only part of his existence he did not care for was that of being subserviant to his new master, Anastasia. Anastasia fell in love with Gregor over the years, and at Gregors insistance released him so that she could know his love for her was true, it wasn’t. He left the next evening before she awoke and the two have not met again since that night.

Gregor became a Master in his own right not long after, securing part of Bosnia for his own personal territory and greatly increasing the Black Court presence there. Thankfully, Simon, Anastasia’s father, came hunting Yoslanovich in an attempt to end Anastasia’s line. A fight insued and both were forced to retreat, neither scoring a death blow. Simon has been hunting Gregor ever since but Yoslanovich has become adept at last minute escapes. Gregor developed quite a reputation as a first rate assassin from this point, earning seventy three confirmed kills, some supernatural, some mundane. He doesn’t care about the target, simply the cash. As such, he reserves his sniping and rifle work for the highest bidder. He prefers to get up close and personal when not being paid or in personal grudges.

Gregor has since moved to New Orleans, hoping to capitalize on the decreased supernatural presence in the city to increase the Black Courts resources and also to take control of the town for himself. He has been doing some wet work for the local crime family to pass the time and earn a little cash and reputation while his mechanations are set in motion.

Gregor Yoslanovich

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