Gideon Altman


Aspect: Misunderstood monster
Aspect: Warrior for justice
Aspect: Strong as an ox
Aspect: Built like a tank


Dr. Gideon Altman was one of the most brilliant minds of his time. He personally instructed Viktor Von Frankenstein in his studies of Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry and several other courses. Gideon contracted scarlet fever during his time at the University of Ingolstadt and died a few weeks later. After his passing, his brain was selected by Viktor to be used to create what Frankenstein was sure would be the first of a new evolution of man. After awakening and hearing Viktor’s plans Gideon refused and fled into exile to debate his condition and life.

Unable to come to terms with what he’d become, Gideon tracked Viktor down to ask for destruction and have Viktor swear that he would never make another creature again. However, upon arrival he found Viktor’s second creation coming to life. Gideon destroyed the female abomination in a blind rage and swore to destroy Viktor and his abominable work before ending his own cursed existence.

Dr. Altman, or Gideon, as the creature prefers has spent the time since attempting to destroy as much of Frankenstein’s work as possible, but has often been stymied by Victor’s wealth and influence. Occasionally, he has enlisted aid in his quest, but finds it difficult to overcome his own self loathing long enough to imagine others would accept him. Though his countenance still bears the scars of his origins, Gideon’s intellect is still razor sharp and his body is strong and tough. He has a kind heart and is very selfless. He has been the savior of some of Frankenstein’s “patients” and destroyer to his creations. Altman is determined to see his one time student brought down, perhaps not today or tomorrow, but someday.

Gideon Altman

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