Genevieve LaRoche


Aspect: Strict but Caring Matriarch
Aspect: Perfectionist
Aspect: Pridefull


Genevieve LaRoche is headmistress of the renowned prepatory school, The LaRoche Academy. Madame LaRoche runs the school with a strict hand, demanding perfection or as close to it as is possible from the entire student body and faculty. Her style may be strict but she is also fair with the children entrusted to her care. She takes time out of her busy schedule to daily meet with the student body government and shows an extreme amount of intrest in the student body’s well being and success. While her methods may demand perfection it is clear from the national standing of the school that it yields results. The LaRoche Academy has produced several graduates that have gone on to great accomplishments including Senators, Congressmen, big buisness leaders, and even a President of the United States.

While Madame LaRoche is hailed as a teaching and administrative genius, don’t let that fool you. LaRoche is also a member in the White Court of Vampires. Her family, the LaRoche’s, have long been entrusted with the offspring of a multitude of the houses. The other White Court Houses send their children to her in order to train them in the use of their powers and to polish them for positions in the courts leadership. Her thirst and that of her family is of pride, which explains her demand for perfection in the school and that the students be proud of their works. There is only one mar on her otherwise stainless record, she is pregnant and it is rumored that the father is a member of the student body.

LaRoche is a beautiful woman, standing just under five foot nine with shoulder length brown hair,though this is often kept pulled back. She appears to be in her late twenties to early thirties and from her appearance would seem to be in about her fifth month of pregnancy, excepting her swollen stomach she seems to be of slight build with a well toned body.

Genevieve LaRoche

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