Francis Raith


Aspect: Nerdy but Cute
Aspect: Geek
Aspect: Mr.Science Club


Francis is the quintessential nerd. From an early age he has preferred reading and experiments to athletics and outdoor activity. He has cultivated his mind into a fertile landscape that has little trouble wrapping itself around even the most complex problems. With an I.Q. in excess of 165 Francis is easily the most intelligent and academically minded student to grace the estate of The LaRoche Academy. His looks aren’t poor, in fact most of the girls on campus think that if he cleaned himself up a bit he would be fairly attractive. While Marcus enraptures the whole of the female student body, Francis seems to be content to keeping his conquests to his lab partners and academicly strong female peers.

Francis stands a mere five foot eight inches and has short brown hair that is almost always in a state of disarray. Thank god for him that’s a style these days, though his is done out of indifference. When he does take the time to style it he normally parts it on the side and smooths it back. He normally wears a set of glasses but of late (at the insistance of Alexis) has taken up contacts, though he doesn’t care for them much. Francis is far from muscular but is by no means unfit. He has long delicate fingers that you would expect to find in a laboratory setting and an unwaivering attention to details thanks to his eidetic memory.

The LaRoche Academy was scouting Francis out long ago, and his impressive intellect made him all the more attractive. He is currently the only student in the Academy with a 5.0 gpa. He is related to Thomas Raith by way of Madeline Raith. With his attention to detail and his astute intellect it is easy to see that Francis will factor into the Raith House’s hierarchy near the top, more than likely either as second in command or at the least as an advisor to the throne.

Francis Raith

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