Father Max Massey

Political Priest


High Concept: Political Priest
Trouble: I know what’s best for the church
Aspect: Look at it this way…
Aspect: The better to serve Him
Aspect: The church knows what’s best for the people
Aspect: The Knights Squire

I know he isn’t a PC, and I probably listed too many aspects for him.. But These are all fitting, I think. Pick and choose as you will.


Father Max Massey is the residential pastor at St. Louis Cathedral. He has been working with the church for some time now, devoting himself to protecting his congregation, and to helping the church grow.

Father Massey is what one might dub a ‘Politician’. He has written over 15 books on faith, has a christian show on one of the local tv networks, and has campaigned hard for improvement of local catholic churches and the cities school system in general.

He has gone to speak to congress on a number of matters, as well as local government. Father Massey believes that he knows the best way for the church to improve and be better than it is, and in turn he believes that the church knows what’s best for it’s parishioners and expects them to obey. Confessionals with Father Massey always result in more than a few token ‘Hail Mary’s’.

When it comes to his direct role in the church, Father Massey is one of the churches connections to government. He has been trained in politics and has passed the New Orleans bar as well.

Massey works for the church in helping with legal matters relating to the work that the Knights of the Cross do. When there are messes to clear up with law enforcement, he is there to help with the paperwork and legal advice. He is devoted to his work supporting the Knights of the Cross, just as much as he is devoted to his work supporting the Church.

Father Massey will always do what he feels is right and benefits the church and the knights best.

Father Max Massey

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