Desmond Higgins

Minotaur Butler


Supernatural Strength
Inhuman Toughness
Bull Rush

A melee fighter who does better unarmed.


When Ian’s soul was stolen by a vodun practitioner to be sold to the red court, Alandriatagged along with Jack and Nevarres to save his soul. Mostly because she was bored. With the services of Serina Martine they located a manor in the swamp tended by zombies of a different flavor. Rather than reanimated dead, these voodoo zombies were living people who had their souls removed.

In the process of storming the house, the trio ran up against a rather polite, but strong butler. This big, burly, black man was doing his best to keep Jack from further entering the house, and he was doing a great job of strangling Jack and beating his head against the wall. Nothing Jack could do could get the zombie to let go of him. Finally, through massive blood loss, the zombie released Jack as it died.

When the group dealt with the rogue practitioner and collected all of the souls she had in her possession, Alandria persuaded Jack to let her have one soul to use in fixing her demense, as it had suffered serious injury in dealing with the voodoo woman. Jack reluctantly agreed.

The souls of those zombies were given to the Erlking by Jack, in hopes of a pat on the head. Instead, he was given half a dozen puppies. The soul Alandria chose belonged to the butler that Jack had killed, and so she gave the soul a body in the form of a Minotaur. Higgens is a part of Alandria’s demense and cannot leave it. He tends to the place and its guests or intruders.

Upon awakening to find himself as a minotaur, Higgens had no recollection of the events that had transpired. The last thing he had remembered was having coffee with a pretty woman, and then he woke up at Alandria’s. Alandria informed him of the events that had transpired, painting a pretty picture about how she had rescued him and given him another chance for life, albeit a slightly different sort of life.

Now Desmond Higgens works in Alandria’s demense, happy not to be dead, but craving the mortal world.

Desmond Higgins

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