Alexis LaFontaine


Aspect: Queen of the School
Aspect: Pretty but Petty
Aspect: Mirrors Best Friend
Aspect: Is my hair ok?!?


Alexis LaFontaine is the most beautiful girl in the Academy, and everyone knows it. She is the kind of girl every boy wants to take to homecoming and every girl is jealous of. Her extracurricular activities keep her on par with even the most active students at LaRoche. She is captain of the cheerleading squad, two time all american long distance runner, vice president of the student government body, and does all of this while she maintains a four point average.

While Alexis is seen by most as the perfect high school student, beautiful, active, and smart, she has at least one flaw. She is a complete narcissit. She is so obsessed with vanity and beauty that she projects this onto some of the other members of her school, often helping “make over” an ugly duckling then taking them into her clique. Each time the social standing for the person shoots up drastically, then for some reason they are excommunicated from the social elite and rumors begin to fly.

Alexis is gorgeous, standing at five foot ten inches with a slender waist and ample assets, though some rumor these may be man made. She has long legs and a seductive pale color that doesnt detract from her looks. She has long red hair and green hypnotic eyes.

While Alexis was already a shoe in for gaining admission to The LaRoche Academy, it didn’t hurt that her father is Lord Thaddeus LaFontaine, head of the White Courts House LaFontaine. The LaFontaine clan has a distinct need to feed on the vanity of others. To this end they are almost all involved in beautification to some degree, some are stylists and make over artists, some are actually super models or agents for such. It can be assured though, if mortals are obsessed with beauty, House LaFontaine will not be far.

Alexis LaFontaine

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