Officer Alexander Anderson

SCI's resident psychic


Alexander Anderson is a young cop with a useful talent: Psychometry. He can read images from objects. Unfortunately, ‘visions’ aren’t generally admissable in court … or a smart thing to talk about in public. After one too many slips of the tongue at O’Connel’s, Alex got shoved into SCI where his weird talk wouldn’t bother his fellow officers, and maybe someone could make use of it.

And they have. Poor Alex never gets any rest, dragged out of bed willy-nilly to read items for his boss. In the year since he was moved to SCI, he’s gotten to know the faces of nearly every significant figure in the local supernatural community, even (especially!) the ones he’s never actually met.

Alex is a genial, easygoing young man in his early 20’s, with a bit of a white knight streak to him that causes him more trouble than it saves others. He’s happy with his position among the SCI, even though he frequently complains about missed sleep.

Officer Alexander Anderson

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