Albert U. Cardinael

A man who believed in his community.


Aspect: God helps those who help themselves.
Aspect: What has been seen cannot be unseen.
Aspect: I’d give my life for my community … but I’d rather not need to.


Albert is one of the more reasonable and visible members of this group. While there is no formal organization or leadership among them, he holds a considerable amount of sway, due in large part to being very charismatic and outspoken in his efforts to convince people to open their eyes and look out for one another. While many are quietly hoping to reach a point where they can turn away and put the memories of the unnatural things they’ve seen down to hysteria and stress, he has no such intentions. His eyes are open, and he is vigilant against the darkness.

Albert is a tall, handsome man of a pretty thoroughly mixed racial background, in his mid- to late thirties. His most striking features are his intensely blue eyes and stature. He’s well over six feet tall. He’s normally a very friendly, charming man, polite to a fault and a bit old-fashioned. When angered, he’s as cold and hard as an ice sculpture, and as pitiless as an Antarctic snowstorm. Albert is a fairly low-end True Believer. He worries constantly that their burgeoning watch group may be going a bit too far, but he would rather err on the side of protecting his own.

Before Katrina, Albert owned a small nursery (plants, not babies). It was here he met his wife, Sara. These days, he owns a lot of shattered glass and dead plants, and does his best to stretch his insurance money until his neighborhood is rebuilt and settled enough that he can worry about rebuilding his business.

Albert U. Cardinael

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