Hard Times in the Big Easy

Vault Hunters

Valentine, The Dick that he is, Kidnapped 12 kids on a bus. And informed Alandria, Jack, and Nevarres of this, and that if they didn’t do anything to apprehend them, they would most surely be dead, or undead. Valentine kindly told Jack where he was keeping the kids, in a abandoned strip mall, out on the outskirts of town, and Jack relaid the information to Alandria and Nev. Nevarres spent a little time researching the place and narrowed down some key area where they might be keeping the kids. Choice one was a big vault in the U.S.A drug. So Alandria and Jack went to the Nevernever to prepare to raid this place. Well the time rolled around, and Nevarres stealthily infiltrated the perimeter.

And Jack and Alandria Opened up a huge hole from the Nevernever RIGHT in front of the strip mall, and charged in guns blazing. Alandrai made some clones to help spread confusion. Jacks pups also tagged along for training. Well, after some hexing, and bashing, and flash grenades. The party made it to the interior of the strip mall. Jack and Alandria where having a swell time, Nevarres on the other hand, not so much. He got lucky and ran into FOUR Leopard warriors. Nevarres managed to hold there attention for long enough, without getting his ass kicked to hard, until Jacks pups arrived as backup(more like front line).

Jack and Alandria found the Vault, and Alandrai used her magic to burn a hole in the Vault door, only to have a landmine go off on the other side. Luckily she wasn’t to badly hurt, seeing as how the door blocked most of it. No kids on the inside on the upside.

By this time, the Baddies had started to retreat. Nevarres quickly followed them to find where they were going, while Alandria and Jack hung back to try and find the kids.

Well, Jack and Alandria found the kids, unfortunately it was too late for 1 of them.

Nevarres returned shortly after and reported to Jack that he had tracked the remaining Valentine force back to Valentines headquarters right there in New Orleans.
So now the three get ready to go take down Valentine himself, and put a stop to his evil doings.



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