Hard Times in the Big Easy

The Old Man and The Sea

January 24th, 2006

Nevarres was working on fixing up his ‘House’ when some Funky Fish people started snooping around late last night. Nevarres, being the smart one he is, hid. The fish people never really bothered Nevarres or tried to come into his home. The only thing they really did was dig up dead bodies on the beach. Not recognizing these strange people, Nevarres decided to wait until the morning, where he then proceeded to his new job, at the Main Library. After some careful research, Nevarres managed to deduct that these creatures were Drowners: Creatures that would Drown their victims and turn them into a Drowned One, or Kill you and eat you if you were fortunate enough to be on land. Not liking these things on his Front Lawn, Nevarres called up Jack Belmont. Gave him the whole rundown, and set up a meeting with him that night to scope out the Drowners, and try and see what they were up to.
Jack was incredibly hung over, and forgot the meeting. Nevarres was stuck alone watching the Drowners again.

Januray 25th.

Ian called Alandria for some help on a Stakeout, and to get some training done. They met across from The Le Chaise Restaurant in an abandoned warehouse. Things didn’t start out well. Ian went off on Alandria for having no control, Then Alandria went off on Ian for not showing her anything to help with her Control, and it escalated poorly to the point where they both almost walked out on each other. Finally they managed to cool down, and work out a agreement, and get on with the task of staking out the restaurant.

Nevarres called Jack AGAIN to remind him about the Drowners. Jack complained about a hangover. Finally, Jack was on his way to Nevarres’s house. It took nearly ten minutes of yelling at Nevarres to get the location, but he finally managed to make it over there.
Just in time to be called by Ian, or a attempted call by Ian. I Ian’s magic was screwing with the reception. Jack’s response prompted Ian to hang up. Few minutes later, Alandria called, informing him that she and Ian were staking the Le Chaise Restaurant out, and that they should head over there for a late night bust in.

Jack and Nevarres headed over to The Le Chaise Restaurant, and set about trying to find Ian. It wasn’t hard, seeing as how Ian was practically fogging up the window in the Warehouse he was in, being so close to it. Jack drove around and parked about a block away and the two walked to where Ian and Alandria where located. After a nice lecture from Jack about how much Ian sucked at Stakeouts, a flash caught Nevarres’s attention, and Nevarres pointed out how the entire time Ian had been watching the restaurant, the restaurant and been watching them. So, Deciding that tonight was not a great night for breaking and entering, The four decided to handle the Drowner problem first.

After they managed to make it to Nevarres’s house, they started looking around and found traces where the Drowners and Drowned ones and been snooping around some more. As the sun went down, the group decided to split up. Nevarres and Jack went to the second Story of Nevarres’s house, Ian went to another house on down the beach, and Alandria…went into the water for a short time, then joined Jack and Nevarres in the Beach house. It didn’t take long for the creatures to show up. Repeated their actions from the night before: sniff around, find bodies, Dig them up, and take them into the water. When the last group found a body, the group all acted and tried to catch one.

At first Jack and Nevarres were just going to cripple one, and try and capture it. As they were fixing to set their plan into motion, the earth reached up and grabbed the 5 or 6 left and tried to hold them in place. Everyone saw Ian Running towards the Creatures, so they all assumed it was him who had tried the restraint. The creatures did not like there new restraints though, and broke them with little effort. Seeing things go bad, Everyone jumped into action. Nevarres, having read that these creatures where fairly strong, ran outside, and drug his sword in a Circle around the creatures, not really wanting to directly fight them. Ian threw some Will into the Circle and popped up a barrier around the Creatures.

Ian and Jack started haggling the creatures for information, and after they didn’t talk, Jack shot one of the smaller ones in the leg as a warning shot. The bigger, smarter Drowner, called a Drowned One, threw a wicked looking coral knife at Jack. Jack mostly managed to get out of the way, but the knife was incredibly sharp, and managed to leave a solid slash in his thigh. Alandria finally managed to talk Ian and Jack down for a moment, and started confronting the creature peacefully, and guess what? It listened. Shocking. That (should have) showed Jack and Ian that violence isn’t always the answer. The Creature answered most questions the best it could. Turn’s out it was supplying food for the Ghouls, with the dead corpses they dug up. The drowned one wanted Alandria’s hair for payment for the location of the drop off, and Alandria refused to give it. So Ian tried to shoot one, and failed. He tried again, and Failed miserably.
At this point Alandria and Nevarres just walked away, leaving Ian and Jack to deal with them. Jack wanted to walk away too, but Ian was being a Ass and wanted to kill them. Finally Ian managed to shoot one, only to have a knife thrown at him. Ian being the super badass wizard he was, decided he was going to redirect the knife back at the creature, hopefully catching it off guard and gimping it. Well, Ian redirected it, right back at the creature too! But the drowned one simply caught the knife, with very little effort, and indicated the next one was going at Jack. Jack and Ian gave up and walked away to just leave the creatures there to return to the ocean in the morning.

As they walked back to the car, Jack and Ian got in a heated arguement that ended in Jack throwing a light punch at Ian, which ultimately angered the wizard to the point that he dropped a Boat on top of the Drowners and drowned one. They all went their seperate ways after that. Except Nevarres, whom Jack invited to chill at his place for a while, because the drowners were sure to be upset by Ian’s actions, and may take it out on Nevarres.

January 26th

Early the 26th Alandria, wanting to find out more about Gregor, The Master Black Court Vampire, went to her Father for advice. After much sexual harassment, she managed to get some decent information out of the Fae. Things such as: ‘Why not try the hospital?’ or ‘Places that collect lots of blood.’ You know, really obvious things that no one really bothered to think of.
Alandria swang by Jack’s house to pass on the information, and was met with a hot headed teenager. Jack, freshly wakened and sore, took issue with the near-wizard showing up at his place without warning and putting his expensive electrical appliances at risk, and demanded that she head down the hall in an extremely rude, and loud, fashion. A standoff ensued, and the violence was beginning to look likely, when Alandrai and backed down, unwilling to risk the situation coming to a violent conclusion.

Alandria passed the news on to Ian as well, who decided to look into it himself. That day Ian went to the Red Cross, and being the kind person he was, gave blood. The entire time he was there, Ian was popping his Sight on and off to see if he could find a trace of Gregor. One worker caught his attention, Ethan. Ethan had been converted into a Renfield: A dangerous, harshly broken thrall that seemed to have a chain attached to him under The Sight, leading off to the west. He hung around until after hours, and attempted to tail Ethan home, but unfortunately, he lost him … on a westbound interstate. Ian called Jack up, gave him the name, asked if he could track down anything else on him, and if he’d be willing to help tail him the next day. Jack agreed, then threw Nevarres in front of a computer, and Nevarres managed to dig up some more information on Mr. Ethan McClain. The information was passed back to Ian. After that, Jack and Nevarres went out on a date.

The LeChaise Restaurant Reconized Jack’s family name instantly, and Nevarres’s Sword just as fast. Despite this, they were allowed in and served one of the best meals that Jack had tasted in a great while. Nevarres and Jack enjoyed their fine dinner, and asked to speak to the Maitre’D. Jack gave her the run down of What Gregor had been up to, and asked if she could offer any assistance. She unfortunately could not offer any direct assistance, but was willing to give them a useful tidbit of information: Gregor remains an Orthodox Christian, despite his state, and is generally predisposed to lair in churches, much like the one Nevarres and co. Invaded when they first attempted to find him. Jack offered, unbidden, to repay the old lady with a favor of similar nature, then he and Nevarres took their leave.

On the horizon: Jack goes to church, and everybody stalks a relief worker.



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