Hard Times in the Big Easy

The Bad Boys of Rock

The game started with our characters all meeting up to hear a show from a now famous band called “DuJour”. We each had seperate reasons for being there and came individually so none of us knew the others were there. Jack started a mosh pit and was having a rollicking good time when he noticed a “hobo hottie” walking through the pit. He didn’t really think much of her till a linebacker looking guy smacked into her and pretty much bounced off.

As she moved through the crowd, Jack tried to keep an eye on her and when she hoped the barricade to the band and kicked a guy across the park, he took alot of notice. He interposed himself and ended up shooting her in the knee, she took offense to this for some reason and threw him over the crowd.

That got most of our attentions and as she attempted to close with the band members, hereby known as GuyLiner and crew, most of our crew moved to stop. She ended up getting shot a couple times, hit with a sword a couple times, and tied up in a force straight jacket. As the fight progressed the band fled and the mystery woman brought down the house…literally. The stage fell apart and buried her and Jack. We managed to dig them out and except for her knife, she had disappeared.

We decided to head back to our places and gear up. Afterwards we stopped at Taco Bell for some mojo motivation and started tracking the woman through her knife. Jack wasn’t exactly happy about magic and his car being in the same spot so we stopped to see if Ian could get a divination about why the lady was doing what she did. Alandria used her contacts with the paranet to get some info on the woman who turns out to have escaped from a mental hospital for killing her best friend with a box cutter.

Ian’s vision didn’t turn out the best and he ended up stabbing himself in the stomach in the heat of the vision, though he did get what he wanted. Ian chose not to tell the group everything at that time; simply that it wasn’t her fault and to not kill her. They tracked the woman, hereby known as HH “Hooded Hottie”, to the bands hotel. As Jack distracted security, the rest of us went to the penthouse to try and head off HH.

Nevarres was much faster than Ian and Alandria so he got up to the top faster and was able to catch a glimpse of HH smacking two gaurds into unconciousness then kicking the door in. He tried to incapacitate her and managed to hold her off till Alandria and Ian were there. The trio managed to convince HH that they could take care of GuyLiner and crew, as this band had used dark magic to gain fame and fortune. They had in fact been responsible for letting a demon inhabit HH’s best friend and she had had to kill her to stop her murderous rampage…also trapping the demon inside her.

HH attempted to run through a window and was restrained. She was told that the group could get the demon out of her after GuyLiner and crew were handled. Jack had joined the party by this point and Nevarres and HH went off to hide while GuyLiner and crew were rounded up. After securing the band, it came to the groups attention that security was almost up the elevators so after hexing the elevator to buy some time, Ian did a little magic and they all leapt out of the window floating down to the rooftop of another building.

Wardens were contacted and Guyliner and crew were beheaded. HH and Nevarres met up with the others to try and figure out how to exorcise the demon, unfortunately none of us were real holy so we couldn’t. In the end, a priest from out in the East End of N.O. was brought in, apparently with his red neck hit squad. They agreed to help with the stipulation that if the priest failed, they got to kill HH. We didn’t argue, they had more guns. In the end, the priest was successful and HH was left to her own devices, demon free.



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