Hard Times in the Big Easy

Playing Catchup

Much has happened between the previous post and this one, and that will have to be lost to the mists of time, because we will be picking up much closer to the present:

Shortly after getting the new guy in town, a man of faith by the name of Jacob, to his house for protection, Jack was called to violently called to court by the Erlking, bodily hauled across the room by his collar until he put a dent in his living room wall, right next to the one an oversized voodoo zombie made on his first visit.

At court, Jack was given a letter, the Erlking’s offer for an Kemmlerite artifact that Roane was attempting to sell, and explicit instructions that, should Roane reject their offer, he was still expected to get it from him.

Back in the real world, Nevarres was given a similar letter to deliver to Roane with an offer of her own.

Jack returned home to find Jacob gone, and his dogs hiding under his bed. After questioning them, Jack was given the impression that the pups had tried to defend Jacob, but he had chosen to leave voluntarily. He gave Alandria and Nevarres a heads up on the situation, all of them expressing frustration at the man’s behavior. Attempts to track the car by its leaking power steering fluid led Jack to the freeway, where an ass attempted to swerve into him and the pups. The fool missed, but Jack made note of him. Oh yes, he made note.

While Jack was tracking, Alandria and Nevarres tried to find out information on Jacob and his former congregation, and managed to turn up that he had been accused of child molestation, among other things, not too terribly long after a new pastor appeared. Further digging turned up a name for this man, whom Jacob had said less than kind things about: He was part of a white court family that had been believed wiped out: The Furia. They, rather appropriately, preferred to feed on anger or rage. Alandria alone managed to turn up a particularly key piece of information: The church had recently purchased property in New Orleans.

Jack made arrangements to meet with Roane, and delivered the Erlking’s offer. He made a side deal with him as well, cleverly hidden among a slew of not-so-veiled insults: He traded a lifetime pass to the Playboy Mansion, still in his possession since the Denarius auction, in exchange for information on the other bidders.

Jack met up with Nevarres to discuss things, and happened to spot the truck that attempted to run him and his pups down. He instructed Nevarres to take out its tires, and without hesitation, Nevarres leapt to obey. Jack followed as fast as he could to find a large black man holding at shotgun on Nevarres, demanding to know why he attacked his truck. On seeing Jack, he turned the gun on him and demanded he stop. Jack responded by turning into a giant scary-ass hound and charging him, trusting his own absurd toughness to see him through. Nevarres, however, decided to prevent the situation entirely, and cracked him on the back of the skull with his sheathed blade, knocking the man clean out. Deprived of the chance to harrass the man, Jack settled for tossing the guy with the head injury back into his truck and calling 911. The two bugged out to a coffee shop after that. Once there, he called Alandria and made arrangements to meet, since the young Mr. Belmont was growing tired of phone tag.

Once gathered, the trio investigated the recently purchased building, and primarily through abuse of Alandria’s Glamours, she and Jack managed to infiltrate the building, sneak Jacob out, and leave with very few close calls.

Nevarres, on the other hand, was skateboarding nearby, keeping an eye on things, when one of Alandria’s responses to a close call bit him in the ass: She broke a window to distract people from her own location, and Nevarres got blamed for it, getting hit in the head with a rock and yelled at for his alleged transgression. Nevarres responded by knocking the guy out cold with his skateboard, and taking off.

The group discussed things a bit, and some serious issues came up. Namely: Nevarres and Alandria wanted to destroy the artifact, while Jack was under orders to procure it for the Erlking. After attempting to convince them that there was nothing terribly dangerous about the Erlking possessing such an item, he eventually was willing to compromise: His orders, technically, were to get the item from Roane. If Roane never obtained the item, that was his failure, not Jack’s. He would help them keep it out of Roane’s hands, but if Roane got it … well, orders were orders.

Dicussion turned to ways to destroy the artifact, with none of them coming up with much. Jack had an idea, but chose not to share it just yet, as it was well outside their easy ability to acquire. They ultimately decided to stop screwing around and work on getting the item, and think about destroying it in the meantime. Since their only connection to the item was Roane, the obvious solution was to get the information from Roane. Since the direct approach likely wouldn’t work, they would just need to break into his apartment.

Nevarres made arrangements to meet Roane and deliver Rose’s offer, and while they had an unbearably uncomfortable discussion about Roane and Rose’s likes and dislikes, Jack attempted to smash his way into Roane’s apartment. He was confronted by his seductive neighbor (Siren, perhaps?), who suggested that it might not be a good thing for word to get out that the Erlking’s knight was harassing a wildfae. Jack didn’t quite see why this would be a problem, but erred on the side of caution for a change, and stuck himself with a favor, on the conditions that he wouldn’t be called to harm innocents.

Once inside Roane’s aparment, a search turned up maps of the New Orleans Metropolitan bank, pictures of a man, and various other things to indicate he was planning on acquiring it from a safe deposit box therein. Jack took pictures of the wall, emailed them to himself, then took off.

Back together, Jack explained what he’d found, they discussed the information, and decided they needed to do some research on what they found, and print out the pictures to examine. Since the only one that owned a computer was currently living in a house with no electricity, they all headed out to the library, where Nevarres distracted the Librarian so Jack could print out his pictures without her spotting it, and Alandria could do some research on what they’d turned up.

Long story short, a man by the name of Giovanni, working for a Red Court puppet company, was buying up anything remotely magical from people who didn’t know what they had, and were desperate for a way to put food on the table in post-Katrina New Orleans. He was the man pictured in on Roane’s wall, as well. Clearly, he had the artifact. A plan was hatched: Alandria would glamour herself and Nevarres to appear as the man and his assistant, and simply walk into the bank and acquire the item from his safe deposit box. Meanwhile, Jack and Jacob would wait outside to assist if (when) trouble arose.

Things went off relatively smoothly at the outset: They were escorted to a group of safe deposit boxes that matched the picture, with nine to choose from, and no key of their own. Alandria opened a couple boxes with her water magic while keeping it hidden from the guard, but so far, only items of minor power and a few more significant things had turned up. No Kemmlerite artifact, however.

Outside, Jack was waiting impatiently with Jacob, when a limo pulled up, and Giovanni himself stepped out.

Aw hell, shit’s about to get real.



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