Hard Times in the Big Easy

Family Matters

Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

In the intervening weeks since the previous session, things took a turn for the worse for just about everybody:

  • Ian’s mentor, Simon Petrovich, was murdered at Archangel, leaving Ian a sorry, broken wreck of a man, desperately seeking comfort at the bottom of every bottle he could find.
  • Nevarres overheard Rose making deals with the LeChaise ghouls, arranging the delivery of various supernatural creatures, either alive or in good condition.
  • Alandria confronted Roane about an apparent lie, when he claimed not to have seen Ian stealing Jariel’s coin from Jack. After securing a promise not to tell anybody about what he said, Roan admitted that in truth (or so he claimed), he had the coin all along, and Ian stole a glamoured fake. Not only this, but he had plans to auction it off soon.
  • And last but not least, Jack spent the majority of his time in the Nevernever, bonding with his court, hunting Red Court attack squads using the Ways, and murdering their Winter Court guides. In short, Jack spent his time deliberately antagonizing two much larger and more powerful courts than his own. For fun.

Everything began to go wrong when Jack came home from one of his hunts to find a message from his father on his answering machine, looking to get in contact with him. Jack called him back, and discovered, to his distress, that his father, and worse, his mother , were in town, and his father wanted to meet and talk. A meeting was quickly arranged, and they met at the Cafe du Monde.

Heading in, Jack spotted a van of the sort generally favored by Belmont attack squads, which didn’t do much to improve his assessment of the situation. Just his two parents wouldn’t have brought a van. To his relief, Jack only had to meet with his father, Jack Belmont Jr (hereafter referred to as ‘Junior’), and his mother was nowhere in sight.

Junior didn’t waste any time laying out the situation: While torturing a Redcap, it had come up that Jack had become the new Autumn Knight. When pressed about it, Jack decided that, being nearly as bad at telling lies as his father was at catching them, he would be honest with him, and laid out a very, very abbreviated explanation of how he ended up initially tangled with the fae: After killing Gregor Yoslanovich, the witch in their party opened a way to the Nevernever, and Jack made a deal to get them out. Junior offered him a week to cast aside his power and return to the fold, Jack made some mild threats, and they both parted ways. Jack immediately tried to warn Ian, Nevarres, and Alandria. Ian was drunk out of his mind, Nevarres was concerned, and Alandria wasn’t home.

Alandria eventually received her message and tried to contact Jack, first by phone, then at home, then finally in the Nevernever, where she had to wait on him to return from another hunt he’d embarked on (to calm his nerves). She got a rundown of the situation, and let slip a piece of paper she had written the date and time of Roane’s auction on, along with Roane’s name, without any explanation of what they meant.

Back in the real world, Ian got jumped by three assassins, hopefully not Belmonts, because they sucked. After opening fire on Ian with automatic weapons and utterly failing to hit him, they lobbed firebombs into his house while Ian worked hard at trashing his own home for them. The end result was Ian’s house wrecked and on fire, and the obscenely drunk Wizard managing to successfully drive into town and to a bar without killing himself, anybody else, or being pulled over.

Jack encountered Ian at the bar, where attempts to figure out what his problem was and what had happened to him met with something marginally resembling a sliver of success, as Jack determined there was a chance that Ian’s home, or perhaps just the roof, the roof, the roof was on fire. Clearly Ian hadn’t felt the need for water, so he let the motherfucker burn. Burn motherfucker burn.

Jack hauled Ian to his car, looted the Cholo-mobile, and took him back to his place to sleep on his couch. And soil it horribly. Attempts to discuss things with him in the morning failed miserably, and Ian stumbled off to find his way back home, leaving everything in Jack’s car except his liquor.

Ian, shockingly, managed to make it to one of his stores, and put out the word that whoever had taken a shot at him was welcome to another, same place and time, then miraculously managed to make it to the smoldering ruins of his home. Alandria was the first to hear about this challenge, and went to try to talk some sense into him.

Meanwhile, Jack and Nevarres discussed the situation, resolved to put out the word among the locals to go to ground as best they could, and meet up to plan further. Nevarres was the second to hear about Ian’s challenge, and informed Jack. The two made their separate ways to Ian’s house.

Back at Ian’s, Alandria and Ian argued over his condition, the situation, and a variety of other things, until Ian, in a fit of annoyance, told Alandria he wouldn’t be going anywhere, and would, in fact, be staying right there to wait on an assassination squad. Then his chest exploded.

Alandria barely managed to drag a semi-conscious Ian down some uncovered stairs to his house’s still intact basement, taking hits through it all despite her attempts to veil them with glamours. Ian managed to distract and expose the shooter briefly by creating a massive sinkhole in the area where the sniper was perched, and Alandria (barely) managed to drag him through a portal to her Demense, where she let a catgirl lick him for a while.

Nevarres and Jack arrived at Ian’s place after the fun had ended. Nevarres arrived first, and scoped the place out, but didn’t notice the sniper or get shot. When Jack arrived, the two talked briefly before Nevarres noticed a red dot on the back of Jack’s head, and shoved him out of the way.

What followed was a tense, painful attempt to rush the sniper by Jack, while Nevarres circled around after her. Jack took hound form, spotted the shooter’s location fairly quickly, and initially attempted to sneak his way there. His newness to the form coupled with his own less than subtle nature blew that wide open, however, and he was immedately grazed by a bullet. A bullet that carried the sting of iron. Jack abandoned stealth at that point and tried to rush it with sheer speed and stubbornness, zig-zagging among trees in an attempt to throw off the sniper’s shots.

For his trouble, Jack took a bullet in one side of his chest and right out the other, thankfully missing his heart but not one of his lungs. Around this point, Nevarres had closed in, found a displaced land mine the Sniper had set up for protection, repositioned it, and set it off to dislodge them from their position. This went off without a hitch, and Nevarres managed, with difficulty, to drag Jack (thankfully back to human form and a lot less heavy) to Ian’s basement. On the way there, he was shot in the back by the sniper, and the two had a painful tumble down the stairs.

Downstairs, the two discussed the situation while Nevarres gave Jack a bit of quick first aid. Jack sussed out that there had been a portal to the Nevernever opened there recently, and encouraged Nevarres to try opening one himself. This worked out well, and then a phosphorous grenade came tumbling down the stairs, and they both struggled their way through the portal before it went off.

They arrived at Alandria’s Demense, were tended to as Ian had been, and argued about the situation a bit. Jack concluded, based on the bit of description Nevarres had, that it had been his mother shooting at him. Ian eventually left to check on some things, found out Jack’s car had been rigged with a bomb (naturally), found that Alandria’s doorway out had opened to tomorrow, and had a vision: Jack’s parents arguing. Junior was upset that his mother, Mary, had attempted to kill him early. Mary was upset about her son being a monster, and her husband giving her shit about trying to kill a monster. The situation resolved itself, barely, but it was made clear that they weren’t a united front of the ‘kill Jack’ front. More importantly, he managed to glean their location from this.

Ian headed back to the storage unit/armory Jack had led them to during a previous situation, and told the others to meet him there.

And there, it ended.



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