Hard Times in the Big Easy

Ackbar would be most disappointed

It was, in fact, a trap.

Following the attack on Rose Weaver, Alandria, Jack, and Nevarres all had mourning to do. Nevarres had lost someone who had, in her own crazy way, loved him over the centuries. Alandria cared for Jack’s pack nearly as much as he did, and Jack … well, he not only lost something that was much like a son to him, he had to kill it a second time, personally.

But, there is no rest for the wicked. While they mourned, Giovanni was hunting members of the local Paranet to draw them out. So Jack only took a few days to bottle up his problems and pretend they didn’t exist before getting back to work. He and Alandria discussed their next move, and came to the conclusion that Roane would be their next target. He had started the chain of events that got them involved with Giovanni and in turn led to Albert’s death, he had a habit of attracting ridiculous amounts of trouble to town, and he was just generally a tool. Jack also saw an advantage in claiming him alive, and delivering him to Mistralis as a gift to curry favor with her, and by extension (hopefully) the Redcaps at court.

With the decision made, Alandria made the call, arranged a meeting, and off they went.

The meeting was supposed to go down at Lake Ponchartrain, at approximately Ten o’ Clock that same night. Jack and Alandria prepared a bonfire so that they could be found easily, and settled in to wait, with Jack under a veil in case of trouble, on Roane.

He showed up on time, but there was a problem: For starters, he immediately demanded to know who Alandria was, and where his daughter was. Secondly, Jack noticed that he was in horrible condition, beaten, bruised, bloody, and missing fingers. Alandria insisted, repeatedly, that she was his daughter … until suddenly blood blossomed from her. Then a shot rang out, across the lake. Only now did Jack spot Giovanni, hunting rifle in hand, taking aim at them.

When Alandria went down, Roane moved to act as if he caught her, conjuring up a glamour in Alandria’s image that he pretended to protect. Meanwhile, Alandria was struggling toward the water, so Jack did the only ‘reasonable’ thing and tried to hurl her into it. … He didn’t quite get her all the way there.

At that point, Nevarres, who happened to be walking the beach, collecting his thoughts, heard the gunshots, and hurried to the bonfire to investigate. When he saw what was going down, he used his air magic to fling up a plume of water at Giovanni, shorting out his scope, then proceeded to create a small sandstorm around Jack and Roane, while Jack tried to drag Roane away.

Everything was going reasonably peachy, given the circumstances, until Roane started beeping, then shoved Jack away. Jack, correctly assuming the worst, didn’t make any effort to resist and rolled away from Roane, hitting the deck just as the nail bomb hidden on him went off, splattering the beach with pieces of Alandria’s father, and riddling Jack with nails. On the upside, without the wounded fairie dragging him down, Jack managed to get away without getting shot any more, and after a lot of work, managed to hail a cab to his Storage Unit/Armory and hole up until he could contact Alandria, who he was sure had jumped to the Nevernever as soon as she got underwater and was probably recuperating right that very moment.

While all that went on, Alandria managed to get herself the rest of the way into the water, and revert to the seal shape Selkies are known to use, then swim over to Giovanni’s yacht to take him on by herself.

She managed to knock him into the water without getting any more hurt, and after a brief underwater struggle, was forced to simply force him away and retreat to her Demense.

While he waited, Jack contacted Junior, and gave him the full rundown on the Furia still alive and operating in Bumfuckville, Arkansas. He also offered him a deal: In exchange for some of JackSr.‘s silver blades, he would teach Junior how to use the power built into them. They are, in fact, Warden Swords, capable of dispelling magic (or removing heads) with relative ease. Junior eventually agreed to discuss matters further if Jack wasn’t dead by the end of the week.

After hanging up on Junior, Jack received a call from Nevarres, and received the first indication he had that Nevarres had been helping earlier. Jack had assumed Giovanni had a sorcerer attempting to hamper him. Jack laid out what he had decided for the next step in his revenge plan, taking out Constantine, Rose’s boss, and very likely an ally of Valentine’s via Rose. And general problem for the city. He still had nightmares about some of the stuff in that basement. He asked Nevarres to find Gideon, then settled in to wait on Alandria.

Nevarres searched for Gideon, ultimately finding him during daylight hours, back at Lake Ponchartrain, pouring bleach on the blood and bits lying around. He (poorly) explained what Jack wanted, and secured a meeting with the creature.

Eventually, late in the day, Alandria returned Jack’s call, and they agreed to meet at Neutral Grounds so Jack could return to her Demense. Outside his storage unit, Jack could sense … soemthing. Something warm. And he knew, just knew, that if he fed it to the Kemmlerite blade he’d named Secerator, it would do what it could to restore the damage he’d suffered from the nails and steel bullets. The warmth turned out to be the storage units’ manager, who greeted Jack warmly and asked if he was there to pay up.

Maybe it was the stress he was under. Maybe it was further influence from the blade. Maybe it’s that Jack just didn’t have the damn money. Maybe it was all three or none of those. Whatever the reason, Jack fed the blade. He ran it through the man’s back, withering him to a shriveled husk, and tossed him into his storage unit. On the upside, his body was fully healed. On the downside … Jack needed a drink, bad. And despite temptation, he didn’t murder the man at the liquor store either.

After Jack and Alandria met up, Jack asked her, one more time, to join the Autumn Court. As his vassal. … Yeah, she laughed in his face. Jack went on to explain that after this whole Giovanni incident was done, he intended to make New Orleans more officialy the Autumn Court’s stronghold in the mortal world, to bring the dangerous supernatural elements to heel. And he needed someone to watch over the city for him, because he simply couldn’t always be focused on New Orleans. He had a great big Nevernever to worry about, and the Erlking could have him go anywhere, at any time. Ultimately, after he rephrased the offer as ‘Liutenant’, Alandria agreed.

Despite lacking the gift they had hoped for, the pair went to court. Jack had Keeland Sully and the goblin general Ceebok summoned. Keeland arrived first, and Jack asked for his assistance in getting the Autumn Court involved in the Vampire War, as a way of getting sponsored to the Antarctic Treaty. Keeland advised him that the best way was to get the reds to make a high profile attack on a location under the Erlking’s protection. Eventually, Alandria had to explain to Jack that he meant Jack should take up residence at Crescent City Tower and wait on another attack. Jack thanked Keeland politely, and in exchanged for the advice, Alandria agreed to give Keeland some degree of access to her Paranet connections.

When Ceebok arrived, Jack laid out what he wanted from him: Soldiers and spies. He wanted to make a hit on the reds with as much assistance and information as he could get. Ceebok said he could get a dozen or so men for such an attack, and put his son, Peter Jameson to look into Giovanni’s subordinates. Jack gifted him a necklace of gold and silver teeth that Alandria had claimed from Giovanni’s safe deposit box, much to Ceebok’s pleasure. He wasn’t even interested in the potential power of it, he just thought it made a bitchin’ bracelet.

Another one bites the dust.

Giovanni Valentine
Rose Weaver
Roane Assface McDouche-nozzle
Viktor Constantine



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